Email lists etc

Here’s info on two email lists relevant to bi people in Nottingham:

East Midlands Bi Network is for people of any gender and also covers the wider area, e.g. Leicester, Derby & Lincoln.

Nottingham Bi Women’s Group is specifically for women (including trans women).

(The YahooGroups versions of these lists are gone now, because YahooGroups shut down – so if you thought you were on one or both already but you’re not currently getting emails, that might be why.  These new versions are on

These lists also welcome people questioning their sexuality – sometimes called “bi-curious”.

Neither is a high-traffic chat list; in recent times they’ve mostly been used for mentioning events. The messages on those lists aren’t shown to the wider world.

On Twitter, the hashtag #EMidsBi (East Midlands Bi) has been in occasional use for meetups & related stuff. That’s public, and seeing the people using it might give you ideas of people to follow on Twitter.

See also BiTopia.