Events for Bi Visibility Day

by nottmbitopia

Soon it will be Bi Visibility Day, which is also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

Can you make it to either of these two events?

First Event There will be a photo with bi flags at the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham at 6:30pm on Wednesday 23rd September.

This will be a very brief event. About 15-20 mins long. We will just take photos with bi flags and there will be a short speech too. We will hopefully have lots of people show up. People from the Notts IDAHoBiT group, reps from the police etc. have been invited to show their support.

Address: Castle Place, Nottingham, Notts, NG1 6EL

These pictures will be posted on the Internet and maybe even in magazines such as Bi Community News, so there is absolutely no pressure to attend if you don’t want a public photo.

After the photo, people can walk up to the Friends Meeting House if they want to join in with the BiTalkia social. (See below!)

People who are not attending the photo can just go straight to the Meeting House for 7:30pm. 🙂

Second Event
The BiTalkia Social at The Friends Meeting House
7:30-10pm, also on Wednesday 23rd September
Format of BiTalkia This is a chance to chat and chill out with others in a private, alcohol free setting. There aren’t any workshops or activities planned this time (yet!), so please bring games, crafts, things to do, tea to drink, snacks, etc etc!

Doors open 7:30pm. We´ll start packing up, washing cups and so on to ensure we´re out of the room by 10pm.

Venue Friends’ Meeting House (FMH), 25 Clarendon Street, Nottingham NG1 5JD.

This is round the corner from the Women’s Centre. It’s a beautiful modern building with flat/ramped access and a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

We’ve booked the Social Room which is where we were last time. It includes a small kitchen.

Cost “Pay the amount that seems right to you”. Any donations will be used to pay for the cost of hiring the room. Any surplus will go towards to the costs of future events.
Travel Info See the Friends Meeting House “Finding us” page for lots of useful info on roads, parking and public transport.
Optional pre-meet Optional:  Leaving Central Library at 7:15pm to walk up to the FMH together.  Someone (tbc) will be there to welcome people and lead the way.

This pre-meet is designed for people who don’t want to arrive alone via the quieter streets near the FMH after dark – or who know the library as a familiar landmark, or who just like the idea of having company on the way – and who can walk or wheel for about 500 metres.  Feel free to come straight to the FMH if that works better for you.

Meet outside the library doors. (The library shuts at 7pm.)

The Central Library is on Angel Row, just off the Old Market Square in Nottingham City Centre. Nearest tram stop: Old Market Square.

Who can come? Bi people and anyone with a positive interest in bisexuality, including friends or partners.

(Not sure if you’re bi?  Take a look at the Bisexual Index’s quiz.)

We also warmly welcome anyone who is attracted to more than one gender who doesn´t use the label bi, for example heteroflexible, pansexual, or biromantic.

Volunteers Needed!
  • A person to meet and greet people at the library at 7:15, and walk up the friends meeting house with them.
  • A person to arrive at the friends meeting house at 7pm, and set up the room and put up a bi flag or two, that kind of thing. (I can provide these!) Then will also be the person in charge of BiTalkia, then I will assist once I get there later.
Where will Hannah be? After the photo taking at the Robin Hood Statue, I will be giving a talk to the LGBT Youth Group Outburst – but once that has finished I will dash up to the Meeting House to join the fun!
Bringing Snacks? Please bring a list of ingredients if you plan to bake anything, or keep the packaging if it´s shop bought.