Nottingham BiTopia is a social group for anyone who is attracted to more than one gender (and anyone who is questioning or exploring their sexuality) in the East Midlands. Non-bi partners, friends and allies are also welcome to attend.

It doesn’t matter if you identify as bisexual, queer, pansexual, biromantic, asexual, heteroflexible or none of the above. You’re all welcome here. I want us to be united, not divided by labels.

The group has a page on Facebook as well as a Twitter account.

For ongoing news about the group see the BiTopia tag for blog posts.

Want to email us? Just write to
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The image shows two photos of flags draped over the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham. On the left is the pansexual flag. On the right, the bisexual one.


We meet up for drinks on the second Thursday of the month in The Lord Roberts pub on Broad Street (NG1 3AN) from 7:30-11:00pm. Look for the table with a rubber duck placed on it to find us. Our group leaders Alan and Daisy are on hand to meet and greet.

More details:
Confidentiality & Ground Rules
Description of a meetup, including bus info and a link to a map

The next few pub social dates will be…
… to be confirmed when we see what happens with covid!
Our meetups were still running regularly up till early 2020.

Are you a bi group leader? Or maybe you want to start your own group!
I’m currently blogging about how I run BiTopia to create a resource for others to use and share: