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by unchartedworlds

Thanks to everyone who made our International Celebrate Bisexuality Day meetup such a lovely thing!

A probably-incomplete list…

  • Sue for her singing, the perfect jubilant finale
  • Dee, Warren and Nat for poems and songs
  • Grant for leading a discussion where lots of people got to share experiences
  • Lisa, Ian and Paul, for helping with the setup and being on the door some of the time
  • Grant and Dee for being the “friendly faces” at the newcomers’ meetup
  • Everyone on the “Bi The People” CD, which we had on for background music some of the time
  • Travis & Paul at Derbyshire Friend, for taking our flyers to Derby Pride
  • Dee and Cherisse for other flyer distribution
  • Zoe at Nottingham Unitarians for putting the word about
  • Lots of venues round town for their leaflet racks 🙂
  • Everyone who gave us retweets
  • Kat for inventing the handy hashtag #EMidsBi 🙂
  • Jen for maintaining the Bi Visibility Day site, in which our listing was just one of many around the world!
  • Hanne Blank for permission to quote from her excellent “Real women” piece
  • Vron for getting in contact with Hanne, and for useful planning discussions in the run-up
  • Annie and Anna, for support beforehand even though they couldn’t be there for the actual thing
  • Keith for helping to put up rainbow bunting, and for previous assistance with the doorbell question
  • Ellie for giving me the rainbow bunting!
  • Warren for sound engineering on the day, which saved us a chunk of money
  • Gaz and Steph at the Maze, for friendly cooperation and for running an ace little venue in the first place
  • Everyone who filled in the surveys beforehand encouraging me to think it would work!

And of course…

  • Everyone who turned up on the day, and made it worthwhile bothering in the first place.

I’ve got some other stuff to write about it too, including transcribing the crowd-sourced ideas we had. All in good time…

Fade café = venue for newcomers’ meetup

by unchartedworlds

We’ve now settled on a venue for the newcomers’ meetup before the main event on the 23rd:

Fade is at 171 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FR. That’s about 300 yards down the hill from the Maze. It’s just south of Chatham Street, with (like the Maze) a back entrance from North Sherwood Street.

This is a compromise choice, as it doesn’t have full wheelchair access (though the main event does). I’m very sorry if that affects anyone.

I hope & intend that the main event will be newcomer-friendly in itself, making the meetup an optional extra for newcomers – this makes sense anyway, because not everyone could get there as early as 2.30.

But I’m aware that we’re excluding any non-step-mobile wheelchair users who would have liked to meet up with some of us but wanted or needed to have children under 14 with them at the time. If that describes you, let me know, and we’ll invent something else for another day.

Although its child-friendliness and general niceness were part of the attraction, the main reason we picked Fade was so that the walk from one venue to the other wouldn’t be too long (that having other access implications).

More on access at Fade

Fade does have a wheelchair-friendly toilet, presumably on the basis that some wheelchair users do manage the steps.

If I get time between now and the day, I’ll do a photo-review of the access there (like the one for the Maze), so people can make their own judgement about the steps etc. (I did take some photos at Fade yesterday with that in mind, but they’re still on the camera as I write this.)

New Facebook page for September event

by unchartedworlds

We now have a Facebook page for our 23 September Nottingham bi event!

Facebook page for the event – best for telling people who hang out on Facebook, or saying hello there to other people who might go.

Main page for the event, on this site – best for full details.

ICBD 2012 plans

by unchartedworlds

OK, so the plans for International Celebrate Bisexuality Day are advancing!

Here’s the page for the event. Please do pass on that link to anyone you think might be interested.

The event’s taking shape gradually… I’m thinking I’ll do updates here for important information as well as updating the page itself. For instance we don’t yet have a venue confirmed for the newcomers’ meetup beforehand.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributing! and there’s still room for more people to help! Drop me a line if you’d like to. Or comment below.