ICBD 2012

Music, spoken word, books to browse etc
for International Celebrate Bisexuality Day
in Nottingham
on Sunday 23 September 2012

(All bi-friendly people welcome, whether or not you’re bi or even call yourself any label like that at all)

Bisexual flag

(This page is still being updated as things develop! Most developments will also get a mention on the blog as they happen.)

International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, also known as Bi Visibility Day, was first celebrated in 1999.

This is the first event we’ve done for it in Nottingham.

It’s not only for bi people – friends, partners, and everyone “with a supportive interest in bisexuality” are all very welcome.

What’s on this page:
Event outline
Who’s organising it?
Hello new people!
Newcomers’ meetup
Want to help?
Access & age limits

Event outline

Venue 1

The Maze, Nottingham, north side of City Centre.
More on venues further down the page.

Venue 2

… for newcomers’ meetup before the main event: Fade, a.k.a. “Fade and the hard-to-find café”. (Not fully wheelchair-accessible, sorry: more info below.)
More on venues further down the page.


Sunday 23 September 2012


2.30pm: newcomers’ meetup at Fade café.

4pm till late: ents and discussions at the Maze.

More details of both parts below.

How much to get in?

The Maze event will be “set your own value”. We need to make a bit of money to pay the expenses of the event, but we don’t want to turn anyone away just because they’re skint.

The newcomers’ meetup will be free.

(At either place, buying drinks of some kind – not necessarily alcoholic – would help to make the venue people happy we’re there.)

What will be happening?

Music; spoken word; bi-related books to browse; low-key no-pressure opportunities to meet people and chat.

What’s the flavour?

We’re aiming to make this a welcoming event for people of all genders, races, sexual orientations, all religions or none, disabled or currently-abled; regardless of age except for the Maze’s minimum age limit. Please help us to do that!

Who’s welcome?

Anyone with a supportive interest in bisexuality.

That could include people who…

  • used to think they were gay
  • used to think they were straight
  • have “always known” they were bi
  • are questioning at the moment what’s most true for them
  • are sure they’re not bi, but feel supportive to bi friends or family, or just to bi people in general
  • are currently “with” a woman
  • are currently “with” a man
  • are with someone who’s not a man or a woman
  • are in more than one relationship (not necessarily with 1 man and 1 woman – that’s just a stereotype)
  • are “looking”
  • aren’t “with” anyone & are happy that way
  • call themselves bi, bisexual, bi-curious, pansexual, bi-romantic, queer or some other label
  • don’t like to label themself
  • have been part of a bi community for years
  • are taking their first little step into finding bi community

Who’s organising it?

Coordinated by Jennifer, in discussion with Vron, Grant & other people from on & off the NBWG and EMBN lists, and helped by feedback from everyone who filled in the “what would you think of an event like this?”-type survey. Thank you!

You too can help to shape it: please fill in the second survey to tell us your smoking/non-smoking needs and which subjects you’d like to hear about.

(And there’s still room for more people to contribute in other ways – see below.)

Hello new people!

We realise that if this is the first time you’ve come to an event with a bi community theme, you might feel tentative and not sure what to expect! We aim to make it comfortable for newcomers both at the “newcomers’ meetup” and at the main event.

We expect to welcome quite a few people who are new to the bi community… as well as some who’ve said hello on one of our local email lists already, but not met in 3d before the day.

If it’d make you feel more at home on the day, do consider getting onto one of the email lists beforehand.

Or if you hang out on Twitter, you can say hello to @GrantDenkinson, @UnchartedWorlds or @f1r3wire. (That list may grow… you could be added to it if you want to meet more local bi people and don’t mind being “out” on Twitter)

Whether you’re on Twitter or not yourself, you can see what’s going on there by checking the #EMidsBi hashtag. We’re using that to tag both this event and future similar things in the area.

Or make contact via the event’s Facebook page – or “Like” that page to spread the word.

And if you can get there early enough, consider coming to…

The newcomers’ meetup

Two or three of us are offering to be the “friendly faces” for newcomers to meet up with in a low-key way before the main event starts. The idea is that newcomers can meet each other (and the welcomers) early on, and begin to get past any feeling of “I don’t know anyone”.

We’ll get a cup of tea (or something) in the hour or so before the Maze opens, at nearby café Fade – see travel & access info below.

When you come into the café, look out for a bi flag on or near the table: pink + purple + blue, like the one decorating this page.

Because it’s in licenced premises, and because we don’t have a crèche, the Maze event may turn out to be inaccessible for some people: e.g. parents who can’t get childcare, and people who need or want to avoid alcohol. Some of you may find that this earlier meetup at Fade is a possibility for you. If not, we’re very sorry! But we’ll hope to see you at another better-suited event another time. (Feedback welcome on what would work.)

Towards 4pm, the café-meetup people might walk (or wheel!) up to the Maze together for the start of the main event.

Approximate, provisional timetable


Welcome and brief explanation of the plans for the day.

Grant will talk about the meanings of bisexuality and its history, and there will be a bit of discussion – no pressure to say anything if you don’t want to, but should be interesting to listen to.

Books about bisexuality available to browse (from start, continuing throughout the event).


Music, spoken word & maybe other stuff, contributed by people who’ve come to the event. That could include a poem that you didn’t write but which is lovely and/or relevant… or something you wrote but would rather someone else read out on your behalf.

At least some of this will be pre-planned beforehand. Depending on how things go, we may be able to add in extra people during the event, in “open mic” style.

There’s a treat planned for Dr Who fans: “The Dr Who Song” by Warren Volume, which namechecks all the Doctors and is quite funny.


By special permission from the Maze management (thank you!), we have permission to bring in picnic food or takeaway. At some point around 6, we’ll have a break for food. Some people might choose to go out to get stuff, others might have brought it with them.

After some amount of time when most people seem to have finished, we’ll have a collective tidy-up with someone taking around a bin-bag. We don’t want to leave the venue with any extra mess as a result of them granting us this favour.

Please buy your drinks from the venue – that’s the only way they make any money from hosting us.


It may be that there’s a wave of people arriving between 7pm and 8pm who weren’t able to make the afternoon but are there for the evening. So we might well have a sort of “re-intro of the day” at that point.


Around 7.45/8pm-ish, another round of entertainments and food for thought, featuring hip-hop & poetry from femme-cee El Dia, and finishing up with 60s and 70s songs from Sue Warren, which those who want to can dance to!
Photo of Sue Warren, singer. A smiling woman with long dreadlocks, in a blue-sequined sparkly dress.


Probably still dancing along to Sue’s groovy music… or, if that hasn’t started yet, it will soon 🙂


Maybe we’ll be winding down by then in terms of scheduled stuff… but feel free to stay on for more chat and/or dancing, depending on what the people want who are still there.


Venue closes.

Want to help?

Sometimes it’s more fun to be part of making an event happen than it is just to turn up!

Of course, anyone can help by passing on the word – e.g. via Facebook or Twitter or your own blog, or by telling a friend.

Or help to shape the event, by telling us your smoking/non-smoking needs and which subjects you’d like to hear about.

It would be great if you could take flyers to your local workplace or church or other places you go.

We also need people on the day: around 3pm, moving tables & chairs and putting things ready, and later on sitting at a table looking friendly and explaining to people what’s happening.

If you’d like to contribute to any of the 3-dimensional practical side, please get in touch with Jennifer.


Address of the Maze: 257 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FT. Level entrance at the back on North Sherwood Street; see below for access details.

Maze web site

From Nottingham Railway station or Broadmarsh Bus Station, the Maze is about a mile and a quarter. From Victoria Bus Station, it’s about half a mile.

Address of Fade: 171 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FR. That’s about 300 yards down the hill from the Maze. It’s just south of Chatham Street, with (like the Maze) a back entrance from North Sherwood Street.

Lots of different buses run up Mansfield Road – see Nottingham City Transport and Trent Barton Buses.


Age limits

The Maze is licenced premises. To be confirmed: teens 16 or over welcome up till 10pm, or 14 & 15-year-olds with responsible adult. After 10pm, 18+ only.

Fade, the venue for the newcomers’ meetup, is open to all ages.

Wheelchair access: Maze

All the inside of the Maze is flat for wheeling around, except for

  1. the stage
  2. a slightly-raised area of seating to one side of the room
  3. a step in front of the bar – but there’s a space at the side where wheely people can buy drinks.

It has a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

The front entrance has a step which some rather athletic wheelchair users have managed to get up.

The back entrance is flat, BUT is not necessarily open. It may be that we need to plan entry for wheelchair users in advance of the day. (This may also mean that we can help to organise parking.)

We have plans in progress to replace the back doorbell so that wheelchair people don’t need to inform us in advance. Not sure yet if it’ll be done by Sunday. Latest here on new-doorbell acquisition.

A slightly outdated page with additional info about physical access at the Maze

Other access factors: Maze

Temperature: The Maze can be a bit chilly sometimes when not filled with dancing people – bring a spare jumper.

Noise: There will be some noise from the performances. We’ll aim to keep the noise down during the chatting and “listen to people talking” sections – if there’s background music at all, it’ll be low. We have use of a small back room (usually the musicians’ dressing room) which will be a quiet room when not in use for discussions – but we don’t know yet what furniture will be in there; it probably won’t be as nice a space as the main one. Also, the back room is likely to be colder than the main room.

Lights: Lighting will probably be somewhat dim, especially during the performances. There are no plans to use flashing lights.

Seating: There are built-in cushioned benches, with backs, at the edges of the room, and there are a couple of different types of chair.

We hope to have enough chairs for everyone. However, if it gets busy, and you need a chair and they all seem to be taken, please ask at the table by the door.

Wheelchair access: Fade

Some access info for Fade, in a blog post.

Access questions?

If you have any other questions about access, or suggestions for how we might best meet your needs, please contact Jennifer.

Bisexual flag
Picture credit: Peter Salanki