New regular meetup: BiTopia, Nottingham

by unchartedworlds

Thanks to Hannah who’s organised it, we now have a new regular meetup in Nottingham. Yay!

It’s for “bisexuals or those who think they might be”. Updates 12 Feb: (1) That includes “queer, pansexual, biromantic asexual and panromantic asexual people”. (2) “non-bi partners, friends and allies are welcome to attend the pub socials.”

The first one was on 14 January 2014. Counting up showed that 17 people had turned up specially, though the total numbers were increased by the random arrival in the pub of 3 more people who happened to know one of us! It remains to be seen whether numbers will hold steady when it stops being “the first meetup in ages” 🙂

Some people were new, some had met before. Some had come from out of town – including Leicester, Derby and Lincolnshire. There was a good amount of chat, and from what I saw, that seemed to be including the newcomers too. Every now and again, we swopped around where some people were sitting, so that different people got to chat with each other. (But you don’t have to be parted from whomever you came with if you don’t want to!)

That first one was on a Tuesday, but for now it’ll be continuing on the second Thursday of every month.

What you might want to know…

Date: Next one as I write is Thursday 13 February 2014, and after that on the second Thursday of every month.

Time: 7.30pm till 11pm.

Place: The Lord Roberts pub, Broad Street, near Broadway Cinema in Nottingham City Centre. (Link is to OpenStreetMap.)

How to spot the group: Look out for the little yellow duck on the table, pictured below!

Public transport: Many NCT buses do what they call the “City Loop”, a circular route round the city centre. This includes a stop on George Street, about 150 metres away from the Lord Roberts. Buses which take that route include the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (green line), 34 (orange line, the one from University Park), 77, 78 & 79 (turquoise line).

Lots of other buses stop near the front of the Victoria Centre, around 300m from the Lord Roberts.

The nearest tram stop is Lace Market, around 350m.

Nottingham railway station is about three-quarters of a mile away. Trams run frequently from next to the railway station.

Parking: If someone has recommendations for best City Centre car parking, please comment! One possibility is to park at the Park and Ride on Gregory Boulevard and get the tram into the city.

Online connections: There are various places where you can connect online with other people who might be going along, inc Facebook, Twitter & non-public email. See Email lists & other online stuff. These are also ways to get reminders of the next event, as I don’t propose to repeat the information here every month.

Duck to look out for:

Photo of a yellow rubber duck with an orange beak, decorated with postmarks.