by unchartedworlds

Thanks to everyone who made our International Celebrate Bisexuality Day meetup such a lovely thing!

A probably-incomplete list…

  • Sue for her singing, the perfect jubilant finale
  • Dee, Warren and Nat for poems and songs
  • Grant for leading a discussion where lots of people got to share experiences
  • Lisa, Ian and Paul, for helping with the setup and being on the door some of the time
  • Grant and Dee for being the “friendly faces” at the newcomers’ meetup
  • Everyone on the “Bi The People” CD, which we had on for background music some of the time
  • Travis & Paul at Derbyshire Friend, for taking our flyers to Derby Pride
  • Dee and Cherisse for other flyer distribution
  • Zoe at Nottingham Unitarians for putting the word about
  • Lots of venues round town for their leaflet racks πŸ™‚
  • Everyone who gave us retweets
  • Kat for inventing the handy hashtag #EMidsBi πŸ™‚
  • Jen for maintaining the Bi Visibility Day site, in which our listing was just one of many around the world!
  • Hanne Blank for permission to quote from her excellent “Real women” piece
  • Vron for getting in contact with Hanne, and for useful planning discussions in the run-up
  • Annie and Anna, for support beforehand even though they couldn’t be there for the actual thing
  • Keith for helping to put up rainbow bunting, and for previous assistance with the doorbell question
  • Ellie for giving me the rainbow bunting!
  • Warren for sound engineering on the day, which saved us a chunk of money
  • Gaz and Steph at the Maze, for friendly cooperation and for running an ace little venue in the first place
  • Everyone who filled in the surveys beforehand encouraging me to think it would work!

And of course…

  • Everyone who turned up on the day, and made it worthwhile bothering in the first place.

I’ve got some other stuff to write about it too, including transcribing the crowd-sourced ideas we had. All in good time…