Flat-access doorbell at the Maze: working on it…

by unchartedworlds

Latest on the Maze doorbell saga: no guarantees, but there’s now a radio-remote doorbell ordered and supposedly on its way to my house, so fingers crossed 🙂

(This doesn’t affect people who can get up a step; the front door has one step and will be open from 4pm.)

Further updates will be here or at #EMidsBi. Meanwhile, people who need flat access, it’s still worth keeping the venue’s phone number to hand – 0115 947 5650 – and the event’s temporary phone/text number – 0794 115 1276. Better still, get in touch before Sunday lunchtime to plan one of us looking out for you.

Big thanks to Keith, ex-electrician friend, who was up at the Maze with me on Wednesday night to explore if the old one was fixable! And thanks to Gaz at the Maze for an encouraging response to my questions about this, and for approving the money on the new one. Even if we don’t have it sorted for Sunday, I’m pleased we took steps on this – it’ll be a good thing for future events at the Maze.