Counting down…

by unchartedworlds

Only a few days to go now before our event for International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, 23 September 2012 at the Maze in Nottingham!

Latest updates…

Music & words: The three main performers we’ve got lined up are Sue Warren (60s & 70s songs), El Dia (hip-hop & poetry) & Warren Volume (featuring the Dr Who Song). I’m looking forward to it! There might still be room for a couple more spots to be added on the night, and we promise to give nervous performers a warm welcome.

We’ll have other interesting spoken-word stuff too, including some info on bisexuality from Grant, and some crowd-sourcing of ideas for the future.

Smoking: Several people have ticked the “smoke makes me ill” option on the “fine-tuning” survey, and no-one with mobility difficulties has said they need to smoke, so we’re going with a smoke-free back courtyard. Smokers can still smoke – they just have to nip out the front entrance, i.e. the front of the Forest Tavern.

Food: As we’re starting at 4pm and they don’t do food, the Maze management has kindly given permission for us to bring in sandwiches or takeaway. We’ll have a kind of tea-break about 6pm or so, followed by a tidying-up session so as not to leave any mess.

Please buy drinks from the venue – that’s the only way they make any money from hosting us.

Newcomers’ meetup: If you’re coming to the “newcomers’ meetup” at Fade (2:30-3:50pm), the thing to look out for when you come into the café is a (newly-acquired) bi flag! Pink, purple and blue. It’ll be on or near “our” table.

Setting up: We could still do with one or two more people on the team that’s setting up at the Maze before the start – probably around 3pm. Some of it is moving chairs and tables, which I realise some people can’t do. But there’s also stuff like putting out books or information, or blu-tacking things to the walls.

Your help would be much appreciated! and it could be a good alternative to the “newcomers’ meetup” for meeting a couple of people and settling into being there. If that sounds like your cup of tea, please drop me a line.

Hashtag: For following Twitter, we’re adopting the hashtag #EMidsBi for this event and future similar things in the area. (You don’t have to be on Twitter to view this link.)


The rest of the details are all available via the event’s main page.